1. Each bidder accepts the following as a contractual agreement upon Registering and Accepting a bid number.
  2. The Auctioneer is the agent for the Seller and is under Contract tot represent & conduct this Auction in the Seller's Best interest.
  3. The auctioneer shall regard each bidder as customers in a fair and ethical manner according to the state law to avoid and conflict of interest.
  4. The Order of Sale will be determined by the Auctioneer in the best interest of the Seller.
  5. Merchandise and any Personal Property may be offered separate or in Lots, giving Bidder's Choice of any number of items times the money bid or bidding on each in a group times the money as the Auctioneer so directs in the Seller's best interest.
  6. Any Merchandise or Personal Property for sale in areas not easily accessed by large groups of bidders; the Auctioneer may select to Lot number the Merchandise and allow each Bidder to inspect and record the Lot Number of their interest at their convenience prior to the offering outside those areas to give each Bidder equal opportunity, while protecting the Real Estate from undue ware and tear.
  7. After the purchase of each & every purchase, you, the Bidder will hold up your bid card and show it to our clerk for today. The Clerk will record the information and send it to our Cashier for today to whom each buyer will pay in full before removing any Purchase or departing from today's sale.
  8. Terms of Sale are cash or credit card. We accept Discover Card, Mastercard and Visa. You may pay by personal check, provided you have your own check with proper I.D. and account numbers and Approved by the Auctioneer. No second hand checks.
  9. All merchandise will be sold where is as is, with NO RETURNS.
  10. The Auctioneer obtains information from Sources believed to be true, it is not to be regarded as a guarantee and the Auctioneer makes no warranty, Express or Implied and no person has authority on behalf of the Auctioneer to grant such warranty or make any representation written or oral regarding today's merchandise.
  11. The Auctioneer has endeavored to be as accurate as possible in descriptions; buyers should avail themselves of the opportunity to make inspections prior to purchase and should use their own determination as to make, model, condition, age, value and other pertinent information required.
  12. The Purchaser assumes responsibility for items when "Sold" to protect & guard each purchase.
  13. The Auctioneer will not be Liable for any injury, damage or loss incurred in connection with the Sale of or by any purchase.
  14. If a dispute arises between two or more bidders, the Auctioneer will decide the dispute or resale the item.
  15. Removal of Merchandise will be the same day as Sale or by special arrangements. All Removal is at Buyer's Expense by insured personal.
  16. Absentee bidding will be accepted. Any absentee bidder must be registered and disclosed to the Auctioneer in writing on a bid card the item and the highest winning dollar bid amount. The Auctioneer will not start the bidding with an Absentee Bid, unless otherwise so directed. The Absentee bidder will only pay the highest bid during the bidding process within the disclosed amount.
  17. The Auctioneer may require a deposit on an Absentee Bid. In the event an Absentee Bidder is not successful, the Deposit is returned. Upon a Successful bid, the bidder will be notified for Complete payment and removal of Merchandise. Failure to make complete payment may result in a bidder's loss of Deposit.
  18. Any successful online bidder will be notified by telephone or e-mail.
  19. Delivery of item will be at the buyers expense.
  20. Any item marked with an * on the online bidding page may also be available for any bidder to continue to bid at the live on site auction after the close of the online bidding and any absentee bids received.
  21. Absentee bidders must register through the online bidding registry, by phone, in person, or by email (make sure to include you name & direct contact phone number)
  22. A buyer check-out fee of $1 dollar will apply to all buyers.
  23. A buyer’s premium will only apply if announced prior to start of sale.
  24. The 6% Sales Tax will be applied to all Business Liquidation Sales or consignment type auctions, or multi estate offering. No sales tax required on paper notes or coins as of 2006 PA ruling.
  25. A $40.00 charge for all Bank Returned Checks.
  26. In the event the sale of any motor vehicle or any recreational motorized or non-motorized item, the buyer will receive:
    1. Clear title unless item is sold as a non-titled item.
    2. Item will be sold "As Is".
    3. The Buyer will be responsible for payment in full of purchase price before departing from sale.
    4. Buyer will be responsible to pay Notary for any required sales tax, registration and notary fees.
    5. Insurance will be required to obtain a plate if needed.
  27. In the event the sale of any fire arms, the Buyer will be subject to the following:
    1. 18 years of age to purchase any Long Arms (Rifles).
    2. 21 years of age to purchase any Hand Guns.
    3. The Buyer will pay any required registration cost. Antiques within state are exempt.
    4. Any out of state Buyer will not be permitted to take possession of any fire arms upon purchase. The purchase will be delivered or sent to a local licensed fire arms dealer in the area of the Buyers residence. The Buyer will be responsible for any shipping and handling cost.

NOTE: Statements made at time of sale takes precedents over any or all advertising or statements made prior to sale. Any real estate terms & conditions will be within the requested real estate sale documents & info.


(Visa, Master Card & Discover.)

**** CALL Mark or Tracy Dixon @ (724) 726-5462 WITH YOUR ABSENTEE BIDS.