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Mark, who was born in 1959 into a family business and grew up locally, was exposed to serving the public. At age 10, Mark produced and marketed his own product.

As an Auctioneer and Realtor, Mark is able to exercise his experience, knowledge, hard work, determination and imagination in developing successful marketing strategies, that allow the participating public to enthusiastically convert his clients real estate or personal property into cash.

Mark's # 1 goal in serving the public is to listen to the needs and desires of his clients and meet the challenges with old fashion values of honesty, integrity and common sense. He then measures his success by how well he is able to meet those needs and desires. Results. That's the bottom line. When you hire Mark, you know there's someone on your side. Someone who is not afraid to work to get the job done. Mark has obtained a very high success rate in selling the earth and everything on it.

Mark Dixon III has a personable, honest personality and the ambition to have thing work out satisfactory for both seller and buyer. I was well pleased with the way you handled my Auction Sale.

Profession, pleasant, helpful. Mark you did a very good job. Just keep doing what you're doing.

Very open and honest, very friendly and polite. We were more than satisfied with your personality hard work and honest efforts. We would recommend you in a minute. Your honesty is your best trait, stay with it.

Thanks for making a big job easy for me. The auction was a great success, giving real fast and smooth even with all the rain it was a fun time. I heard many comments on the you handled things and made it real interesting. Keep up the excellent job. God bless and the best in the years ahead. Thanks again.

Mark Dixon III of Quic-Sale in my opinion is one of the best. The way he has all merchandise catalogued is very efficient and makes for a smooth running sale. He has epuipment to handle all transactions and needs of the buyer and is courteous and helpful to the public and seller. Thanks Mark for a job well done.